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Greetings to all Douglass family and friends! This page is primarily for descendants and relatives of James Douglass (1820-1899) and Sarah Breese (1826-1885), but all are welcome. Those interested in genealogical research may find this site useful as it develops, but the primary purpose is for the enjoyment of our extended family. So to my beloved kinfolk, this is for us! Remember that this is the brainchild from our reunion way back in '03.
I envision this as a "gathering place" for all to keep up with each other. If you all send your pictures and ideas, this could be a great resource. Poke around the links, then check back every few weeks to see what's new. Contributions and corrections are welcome (we are very much still a website "in progress").  I hope you enjoy!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Marty Douglass for all of us 

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  • Sunday, July 2, 2017
  • Presque Isle State Park (click here  for map & park info)
  • Erie, PA
  • Save the date!

This is the somewhat on-again, off-again reunion of the descendents of....well, sorta those of Royal Manville Douglass, but really all those of Josiah Breese Douglass...but we're ALL family so it's really for everyone in the Douglass/Redner/Breese family tree! 

We have managed to keep this on an alternate year with the Redner-Douglass reunion at the old homestead (i.e., Sabinsville, PA) -- making it easier for all cousins to join us, so please do!  Also, please forward this to anyone who may be interested and is not on our list, put it on your facebook account if you have one, etc.

A BIG thank you to my brother Dan for getting the ball rolling on this.  (Josiah Douglass > Royal Douglass > James (Jim) Douglass > Dan Douglass) I will be the contact person so keep this address in your email and pass it along to kith and kin.  (Snail mail to 374 E. Franklin St., Horseheads, NY  14845.)

Thank you all and looking forward to July 2nd!!!

2016 REDNER-DOUGLASS REUNION (July 16, 2016) [report to come]

POEM -- This from Emily Douglass House; she wrote it some years ago after looking through her grandmother's old photo albums.  Her grandmother, Theresa Fundurulic Douglass (my mother) passed away on July 3rd of this year.  Emily read this at the memorial service.


A dusty chest lies long forgotten,
Memories within it hide.
I lift the latch, and blow away
The dust and years and peer inside.

A stack of albums – frayed and brown,
The pictures – dim and gray,
Transport me to a world gone by,
An ancient, buried day.

I open one, then flip the page,
A face stares up at me.
Gone the wrinkles, silver locks,
A child now is she.

I turn another couple more,
The years drift slowly by,
A wedding dress with puffy sleeves,
A stoic-looking guy.

An infant on the crinkled page,
Precious baby blue,
I turn a couple pages more.
Now suddenly – there’s two!

I shuffle through, and gaze and stare,
A birthday, Christmas morn,
A party, smiles, cake and gifts,
Another baby born. 

First words, first steps, first day of school,
The days slip by like sand.
From carriage to a cap and gown,
A ring upon the hand.                                   

A few more leaves – so wrinkled, brown,
The faces come and go,
The ancient history falls away,
These smiles – ones I know.

Each paper leaf – a treasure store
That breathes to life the past,
Transforming dreams and memories
To something that will last.

And as I gaze I slowly find,
A world I never knew –
The world behind my grandma’s eyes
Is suddenly mine too.

Theresa Douglass (ca.2000)

You can visit Emily's website/blog at mosaicsoftheheart.wordpress.com/

July 18, 2012 – In loving memory...

On Wednesday the Douglass clan lost one of it best.  Eunice (Anderson) Douglass passed from this world into the waiting arms of her Savior after a years of sustained illness. Eunice was a devoted mother, setting aside her potential career to stay home and raise her boys, homeschooling them through all twelve grades. She was an accomplished 'cellist and played wonderful piano, gave lessons out of her home, and played at church. She taught all her boys to play as well.
   Eunice and Steve came into our lives unexpectedly when were visiting area churches. She came right up to us, asked if we were related (we didn't realize it, but Steve and I are second cousins), and welcomed us to her home for Sunday dinner, notwithstanding the fact that her home was in the middle of being renovated. Eunice's faith and devotion to motherhood inspired my Linda; her generosity was such that she came with is to Washington, DC, as Linda was undergoing her cancer treatments; Eunice chose to leave her family for an extended season to homeschool our children, freeing me to be with Linda at Georgetown University Hospital. Such was her selfless attitude! She will be sorely missed. (Posted 7/21/12)